We are JobsNavi

JobsNavi is a start-up by founder Uwe Thuß, which was founded in early 2019. After 30 years of experience as managing director, he had to realize that many companies are currently desperately looking for qualified specialists. At the same time, many employees are stuck in jobs where they are not happy. We want to fight this problem and bring employers together with talents who find fulfillment in their jobs and enjoy working every day.
Uwe Thuß Geschäftsführer und Gründer

We found our perfect match

Our team is growing and growing – just like our app and our ideas.

Our team insists on creative minds, genius idea creators, clever coders and communicative convincers. With us, no day is like the other and every brainstorming session ends with new features for the app or funny advertising campaigns – no matter what is coming up, we are happy to get to the office early!


- Drinks more coffee than you
- rides from Sweden to Germany (and back) on a Motorcycle
- yellow INTP-T


- Likes to cook and eat vegan
- Dachshund lover
- Wants to travel the world


- always has her gym-cloth by her side
- nothing is done until it's perfect
- everything is planned in her Bullet Journal


- the day can only start after a coffee
- often loses track of time
- Longboard-lover


- the coffee is never to far away
- always looking forward to eat lunch
- she is always in this "we-can-do-this"-mood like Bob the Builder


- I’m a coffee lover
- Travel addict
- the most social IT guy


- She is either eating or doing sports
- Favourite activity: Talking, even in sleep
- Backpacking, once around the world


- Always up for a challenge
- Knowledge junkie
- Skateboard enthousiast